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  • Dafne Miranda

    Dafne Miranda

    Designer — Florianópolis, Brasil.

  • natalie michel

    natalie michel

    Connecting start-ups and BNP Paribas employees around Business Opportunities, there is an App for that: OpenUp

  • Sebastian Benjamin Reichl

    Sebastian Benjamin Reichl

    UX, Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Graz, Austria. Currently studying at Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

  • Beto Guzmán Abundes

    Beto Guzmán Abundes

    POP Culture addict

  • Expedia


    Fresh travel tips and deals from Expedia. More on the Expedia Viewfinder™ blog: http://viewfinder.expedia.com

  • Lukasz Klis

    Lukasz Klis

    Front-end developer, good burgers and coffee lover. Follow me on Twitter at @lukaszklis.

  • Marcel Bachran

    Marcel Bachran

    Senior Designer at @edenspiekermann

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